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Yarni - Pigna

Yarni - Pigna

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Peer through the windows of the sun-dappled homes in Sicily and you will be faced with a small, strange ceramic object adorning each hallway. It is a glistening pine cone standing upright – a pigna – the longstanding symbol of Sicilian openness and welcome hospitality.

The pigna is a delightfully unusual and yet apt symbol for the title of the third record from Benjamin Harris, AKA Yarni. Ever since his debut LP release in 2017, Yarni has established a following committed to his musical openness, an intuitive curiosity that has spanned everything from house and techno to cinematic ambience and Japanese percussion, as well as jazz horns and afrobeat fanfares. For Yarni, anything goes and everyone is welcome.


  1. Midnight Getaway
  2. Utopia
  3. Chic
  4. In A Dream feat. Emily Marks 04:47
  5. Nova
  6. Lady feat. Jeff Darko
  7. Cherub
  8. Space Travel feat. Sheila Lee
  9. The Astral feat. Jonoa
  10. Trinacria

Release date:
Artist: Yarni
Title: Pigna
Label: EMK
Format:Vinyl LP
Genre: Electronic

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