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RD Thomas - What Circus Is This?

RD Thomas - What Circus Is This?

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Originally from Cornwall now living in London, R.D. Thomas is a captivating lyricist, musician and singer who brings a depth and density to his simple style of writing.  Reflective and melancholy yet uplifting, he marries a unique world of sound to the familiar feelings his songs conjure. R.D. Thomas also began his career as a touring multi-instrumentalist for Ben Howard and as frontman for alt/folk outfit Brother & Bones before taking his music solo.

His debut album, What Circus Is This? set for release December 9th 2022, R.D. Thomas explains, “The record is mostly just observations about myself as reflections of the outside world. How we co-exist as both the spectator and the spectacle in the circus of our daily lives.’

With the lyrics acting as the most important aspect of the record, he explains that the music is simply just a “vehicle for the words” and that making What Circus Is This? was about changing his process ‘with a desire to work more instinctively and decisively.’


  1. Headlines
  2. Paint By Numbers You
  3. Salt
  4. Sugar Coated Brain
  5. What Circus Is This?
  6. This Bloom
  7. For My Next Trick
  8. Welcome To The Deep End
  9. And I'm Gone
  10. Numbers Game

Release date:
Artist: RD Thomas
Title: What Circus Is This?
Format:Vinyl (Black Gatefold)
Genre: Folk

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