It’s been a big year for The Feeling. Dan moved on from the Doghouse, their long-term base and studio, so in January of this year they decided to try something different and headed to a studio in the Salento region of Puglia, southern Italy to write some songs and see what happened. 

Just like when they first recorded 'Twelve Stops...' in Kev and Ciaran’s parents’ shed, being locked away together and focused on their creativity as a band was a winning formula. After the first week they came back with five songs and a vibe on the recordings that felt exciting, fresh and very much ‘The Feeling’! 

The band made the decision to write and record the whole album there, and over the course of the year they ventured back out, with the album coming together in no time. The sun, food and culture seeped through into the sounds they were making and they brought in local brass, strings and pizzica / tarantella percussion players...

The result is the new album 'San Vito'

It’s very much an album by The Feeling but with a little Salento flavour mixed-in, and they're very excited for you all to hear it next year.


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