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Christof Van Der Ven - You Were The Place

Christof Van Der Ven - You Were The Place

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Bravais Arc’ sets the scene and the pace of Christof’s second album, where he picks apart the hypocrisies and contradictions of a recent fleeting romance to expansive synths and often experimental instrumentation.

A Bravais Arc is the optical phenomenon of an upside-down rainbow, and though they are relatively common, they require a special set of circumstances to be seen. Within this first album track, Christof recalls the alignment of circumstances and intimate snapshots that lead to the evening that Christof was given a stick and poke tattoo of an upside down rainbow: "It was a honeymoon phase. It was something I had not felt in years and I was in complete awe of her - we were in a bubble, where at that point in time nothing else mattered”. Dutch born Christof van der Ven is based in London - splitting his time between playing as a touring musician with Bear's Den and releasing and touring his own music.

'You Were The Place' features instrumentation contributions from good friends: Tommy Heap (Matthew & The Atlas), Jools Owen (Bear's Den), Tommy Sheen, Emma Gatrill (Matthew & The Atlas, This Is The Kit, Rozi Plain) and Andrew Stuart-Buttle (Lucy Rose, Rolo Tomassi).


  1. Bravais Arc
  2. Remember?
  3. Letting Go
  4. 4AM
  5. Lucky
  6. A Darker Light
  7. Pill
  8. Fucking Loser
  9. Coat
  10. A Stranger

Release date:
Artist: Christof Van Der Ven
Title: You Were The Place
Label: Planet Zog Records
Genre: Folk

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