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Yarni & Give Me Monaco - Parenthesis (Standard Edition)

Yarni & Give Me Monaco - Parenthesis (Standard Edition)

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Parenthesis was born out of the creative exchange between Yarni and GMM. The project wasn’t intended to become an album. More so a general swapping of ideas in the hope of composing some music and sharing each other’s experience in their musical fields. What started out as a few unfinished demos became the focal point of reflection. Not that the pandemic became the subject of the record, more so a coincidental catalyst that projected their initial muses to become completed bodies of work. The idea of a Parenthesis casting over the paused pieces became the core concept in which it flourished.


  1. Speak No.2
  2. Hold feat. Emily Marks
  3. Plucked & Struck
  4. 6:4
  5. Take
  6. Chaos
  7. OSD
  8. Rike
  9. Shroud
  10. Weavers


    Release date:
    Artist: Yarni & Give Me Monaco
    Title: Parenthesis
    Label: EMK
    Format:VINYL / POSTER
    Genre: Electronic

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