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The Incredible Bongo Band - The Return of The Incredible Bongo Band

The Incredible Bongo Band - The Return of The Incredible Bongo Band

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Re-released for the first time since 1974, this is the sequel to the classic 1973 ‘Bongo Rock’, which became a foundation of rap and popular music, up to the present day. This LP has been sampled by Bentley Rhythm Ace, Fatboy Slim, Macy Gray, Group Home and Koushik.

The Incredible Bongo Band is a blend of many multi-talented people. Jim Gordon is one of the featured musicians. Ringo Starr has said "Jim is one of the finest drummers in the world". Gordon composed 'Layla' in association with Eric Clapton.

King Errisson is one of the best percussionists in the world, having contributed to the Jackson Five and most other Motown hits as well as touring with Diana Ross.

Perry Botkin Jr. is a writer, musician and producer of the highest order who received an Academy Award nomination for "Bless the Beasts and the Children" and produced groups such as as The Letterman, Vanity Fair and Ed Ames.

Micheal Viner formed The Incredible Bongo Band to be a musical forum for himself and his friends. The Bongo Band has picked up ideas from a multitude of greats ranging from Harry Nilsson to Rongo Starr and Mike Deasy, who played with Elvis Presley for many years, made a large contribution to this album.

BAND: King Errisson (Percussion), Harvey Mason (Drums), Hal Blane, Jim Gordon, Ringo Starr, Mike Melovin (Clavinet), Perry Botkin Jr (Producer/Arranger).


  1. Kiburi
  2. When The Bed Breaks Down, I'll Meet You In The Spring
  3. Sing, Sing, Sing
  4. Pipeline
  5. Wipeout
  6. Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley, Your Tie's Caught In Your Zipper
  7. Topsy Part I
  8. Topsy Part II
  9. Topsy Part III
  10. Sharp Nine
  11. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
  12. Got The Sun In The Morning And The Daughter At Night
  13. Ohkey Dokey

Release date:
Artist: The Incredible Bongo Band
Title: The Return of The Incredible Bongo Band
Label: Mr Bongo
Format:12" Vinyl

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