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The Feeling - San Vito

The Feeling - San Vito

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The brand new 11-track album ‘San Vito’ on signed black vinyl including the single ‘The Right Wrong’.


  1. War's Not Won
  2. The Right Wrong
  3. My Way Up
  4. Join in the Noise
  5. I Won't Sleep Tonight
  6. Sun Won't Shine
  7. Eyes Open
  8. Foul Weather Friend
  9. Call It Home
  10. Everyday and All of the Night
  11. Beautiful Lies
  12. Fill My Little World (Deluxe CD only)
  13. Never Be Lonely (Deluxe CD only)

Release date:
Artist: The Feeling
Title: San Vito
Label: Little World Records
Format:Vinyl, Coloured Vinyl, CD and Deluxe CD
Genre: Indie

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