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The Driver Era - Live At The Greek

The Driver Era - Live At The Greek

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‘Live At The Greek’ is the debut live album from global pop sensations The Driver Era.

Fans can now experience the raw energy, passion, and talent that have made the band one of the most exciting and dynamic live acts in the music scene today.

The album was recorded at the Greek Theatre in LA and features live performance versions of hit singles through the ages, including ‘Afterglow’, ‘A Kiss’, ‘Fantasy’ & ‘Preacher Man’. This record is a testament to the power of independent artistry and the unbreakable bond between a band and their devoted fans.


  1. Feel You Now
  2. Natural
  3. Summer Time Baby
  4. Afterglow
  5. OMG / Like A King
  6. Need A Man
  7. Places
  8. Nobody Knows
  9. Keep Moving Forward
  10. Fantasy
  11. Heaven Angel
  12. I Got You
  13. San Francisco
  14. Take Me Away
  15. Malibu
  16. Preacher Man
  17. Heart of Mine
  18. Low
  19. Kiss

Release date:
Artist: The Driver Era
Title: Live At The Greek
Label: Too Records
Format:Double Vinyl & Deluxe CD
Genre: Pop

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