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The Black Seeds - Love & Fire

The Black Seeds - Love & Fire

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LOVE & FIRE is the seventh full-length studio album from the multi-platinum selling reggae hybrid band The Black Seeds. It was developed over the past few years, beginning with a series of creative sessions in 2018 at the band’s creative incubator The Surgery in Wellington, New Zealand. 

The original plan was to then do a classic “band in a room recording,” which got thrown out the window once the pandemic hit and lockdowns began. At that point, the group got creative, working remotely between various home studios of the band members, and the result is as strong a record as they’ve ever done, managing to capture the feelings of the past few years in a cohesive set of new songs. 

The Black Seeds continue to evolve musically while defying expectations, yet still always seem to sound like no one else but themselves.


  1. Let The Sunshine Through
  2. Love & Fire
  3. Raised With Love
  4. Bring The Sun
  5. It's So Real
  6. Non Justice
  7. Greatest Expectations
  8. Meditation
  9. Game Over
  10. Raised With Love Dub


    Release date:
    Artist: The Black Seeds
    Title: Love & Fire
    Label: Proville Records
    Genre: Dub / Reggae

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