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The Black Seeds - Keep On Pushing

The Black Seeds - Keep On Pushing

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Twenty years on, The Black Seeds mark the 2 decade anniversary of their debut album ‘Keep On Pushing’ as a first ever vinyl release. 

Keep On Pushing’s bold themes of love, optimism and solidarity has resonated with fans across the world, shaping them as the creative, vibrant 8 piece band they are today.


  1. Dance Dance
  2. Keep On Pushing: Workshop Re-Dub
  3. Sit There
  4. Black Sunrise
  5. You Wait
  6. In Your Eyes: Fabulous Dub
  7. What We Need
  8. Little Atoms
  9. Hey Son
  10. Coming Back Home

Release date:
Artist: The Black Seeds
Title: Keep On Pushing
Label: Proville Records
Genre: Dub / Reggae

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