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Son Of Dave - Call Me King

Son Of Dave - Call Me King

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The return to more recognizable Son Of Dave harmonica and blues driven sounds for Call Me King was “necessary not only for the fans, but to keep my sanity. These songs never stop coming to me even if I'm working on a more fancy record. I won't ever tire of that late night bar-room feeling. And the harmonica is always in the pocket. Piano not so portable.”


  1. Kick Your Butt
  2. Waste Time With Me
  3. Call Me King
  4. Remaining Days
  5. Wild Wild You
  6. F That Daily Mail
  7. I'm Going Monkey For Your Love
  8. Someday Soon
  9. Knock Off
  10. Jump Hoops

Release date:
Artist: Son Of Dave
Title: Call Me King
Label: Goddamn Records
Genre: Blues

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