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Son Of Dave - Call Me A Cab

Son Of Dave - Call Me A Cab

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Son Of Dave has penned eleven golden tunes on a hundred dollar piano. The internationally renowned alternative Bluesman, famous for his outrageous one-man live show and songs featured in Breaking Bad (plus many other soundtracks), has now brought his blues growl and rough sound up to peak industry production and style...of around 1974.


  1. Gimme A Doctor
  2. Go Kiss Yourself
  3. Call Me A Cab
  4. Don't You Know Who I Am
  5. End Of Days
  6. In The Night
  7. I Don't Wanna Go To School Anymore
  8. Old Bill's Barroom
  9. Get On Board That First Train
  10. I Don't Care Anymore
  11. Don't Like To Say Farewell

Release date:
Artist: Son Of Dave
Title: Call Me A Cab
Label: Goddamn Records
Genre: Blues

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