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Son Of Dave - Blues At The Grand

Son Of Dave - Blues At The Grand

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Blues At The Grand sees Son of Dave's A-list friends join the party. Producer Jimmy Hogarth is mixing cocktails, drummer Joey Waronker is in the ballroom and comedian Jessica Hynes is flirting with the bellboy. For the first time with Son of Dave it’s a full-band record and, as the bluesman is happy to admit, it is his most joyous to date.


  1. Well Well Well
  2. Hot Summer Nights
  3. We Goin Out
  4. Titty Shake
  5. They Let Too Many People In
  6. Old Mexico
  7. Miss Katalin
  8. Bow Wow
  9. Lay Your Hands
  10. Poor Me
  11. If Only

Release date:
Artist: Son Of Dave
Title: Blues At The Grand
Label: Goddamn Records
Genre: Blues

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