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Nikka Costa - Pebble To A Pearl

Nikka Costa - Pebble To A Pearl

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Over 14 days at Henson Recording Studios in Los Angeles, Nikka created Pebble to a Pearl- a quintessential collection of soul, blues, funk & pop infused tracks. Originally recorded and produced by Justin Stanley (James Lidell, Beck), the album was released on Stax Records in 2008.

This timely Deluxe Anniversary Edition features new feel-good funk track ‘Soulsucka’ and will be released alongside Costa's new album 'Dirty Disco' coming June 2024.


Disc 1

Side A

Pebble to a Pearl
Keep Pushin
Cry Baby
Keep wanting More

Side B

Damn I said it First
Lovin You
Bullets in the Sky
Can't Please Everybody

Disc 2

Side C

Stuck to You
Without Love
Love to Love You Less

Side D

Someone for Everyone

Release date:
Artist: Nikka Costa
Title: Dirty Disco
Label: Nikka Costa
Format:Double Vinyl
Genre: Funk

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