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NIJI - Somewhere in the Middle

NIJI - Somewhere in the Middle

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First 50 copies signed by Niji

NIJI (AKA Niji Adeleye) makes a triumphant return with his new EP ‘Somewhere in the Middle’.

The first release on his own label, AERONXUTICS, this five-track offering, delves into his deep love of Jazz and his Nigerian roots, creating an engaging and absorbing sonic journey. 

“Somewhere in the Middle represents so many things for me personally. I’m born to Nigerian parents but raised in East London, there’s a duality of influences. I’m a middle child – I’ve always done my own thing and had a unique perspective as a middle child. I’m split between London and New York – two places I love. London shaped me growing up, New York is where I became an adult and truly myself, and settled in who I am. Not to mention all the musical influences my heritage, London-life & music career has enabled me to have. Today, NIJI, is somewhere in the middle of all of this. Very present force but can’t be placed in a box. This EP represents that blend, somewhere in the middle.” NIJI



1. Banjoko
2. Maybe We Will
3. Somewhere in the Middle
4. Love Will Find It's Way
5. Danni

Release date:
Artist: Niji
Title: Somewhere in the Middle
Format:12" Vinyl
Genre: Jazz

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