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Native Harrow - Divided Kind - CD/LP

Native Harrow - Divided Kind - CD/LP

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Whereas Native Harrow’s previous records have grown increasingly more expansive, both stylistically and in terms of the musical forces applied, “Divided Kind” counters this categorical unfurling with a lateral move towards the ground, with both feet firmly planted, in a folk-soul-rock sound that still explores their love of RnB, jazz, country, and farther-flung inspirations while simultaneously digging in, with more authority, to the musical world they have constructed. Or maybe they’re still searching, and “Divided Kind” is what’s next. Their refusal to be put in a box, and their relentless insistence on catering to the demands of each individual song suggests the latter is likely the truth at hand.

“Divided Kind” was produced and recorded by the pair, in their home studio surrounded by the vintage acoustic and electric guitars, dusty semi-functional amplifiers, and out-of-date Rhodes, B3, piano, and assorted percussion they’ve grown accustomed to. Chicago-based Alex Hall was again drafted to add drums and to mix, and Philadelphia drummer and engineer Joshua Friedman mastered the record. London-based musician Joe Harvey-Whyte added the pedal steel to “Borrowing Time”, with all other voices and instruments being performed by Tuel and Harms. “Divided Kind” is available everywhere September 13 on Different Time Records.


  1. Divided Kind 
  2. Borrowing Time
  3. I Wanna Thank You
  4. Follow Me Round
  5. That's Love
  6. Goin' Nowhere
  7. Wayward Dreaming
  8. Not The Woman
  9. The Garden

Release date:
Artist: Native Harrow
Title: Divided Kind
Label: Different Time Records
Format:12" Vinyl, CD
Genre: Folk

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