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Martin Luke Brown - damn, look at the view !

Martin Luke Brown - damn, look at the view !

Awash with a palpable feeling of nostalgia and bittersweet reflection, Martin deals unapologetically with themes of love, loss and belonging on tracks like ‘elsie’ - a tribute to his hometown and childhood in Leicester, ‘grateful’ - a laid back, stream of consciousness love letter and ‘love is a black hole !’, the story of a relationship.

The vinyl edition includes the deluxe digital download with 3 additional tracks!


1. damn, look at the view !
2. grateful    
3. elsie    
4. walking on air
5. love is a black hole !     
6. alright ?    
7. **it gets better    
8. see u later x1.    
9. **it gets better (live @ middle farm)
10. see u later x (live @ middle farm)
11. alright ? (live @ middle farm)

Digital Deluxe Version Only

Release date:
Artist: Martin Luke Brown
Title: damn, look at the view !
Label: KMG/AMK
Genre: Indie

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