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Lucy Spraggan - Balance (CD)

Lucy Spraggan - Balance (CD)

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‘Balance’ is Lucy Spraggan’s seventh studio album produced by Philip MaGee and released through Lucy’s own label Ctrl Records working alongside Simon Cowell’s Syco Publishing company.

Simon Cowell describes lead track ‘Balance'

“When I heard this song for the first time I was blown away, it is absolutely beautiful and the message is very important, especially right now. Play it once and then please play it again. Lucy and I have been working together over the past year. She is an outstanding songwriter, as this new song Balance demonstrates. Lucy’s talent and work ethic is incredible and I’m so proud of her and I hope and believe this song is going to make a huge impact.”

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  1. Everything Changes
  2. OCD
  3. Balance
  4. Bodies
  5. Seasick
  6. Not Another Travelling Song
  7. California
  8. Cocaine
  9. Hope For The Best
  10. Caroline
  11. Underdog
  12. Empire
  13. Manchester
  14. Cost Of Living

Release date:
Artist: Lucy Spraggan
Title: Balance
Label: Ctrl Records
Genre: Pop

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