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Lontalius - Someone Will Be There For You

Lontalius - Someone Will Be There For You

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Eddie Johnston, the songwriter and producer behind Lontalius has already released three EPs and two albums, plus several more EPs and many remixes as his electronic producer alter-ego Race Banyon. More than many artists will release in their careers.

With the release of Someone Will Be Here For You, Lontalius will demonstrate why he’s one of New Zealand’s most exciting musical talents, an artist with an astonishing set of skills and talents, and the ability to write a song that will stay with you for days.


  1. Someone will be there for you
  2. Faint
  3. I'm Good
  4. Dialtone (ft. Quiet Luke)
  5. You Make The Rules
  6. To Be Happy
  7. Don't You Think I Do Enough?
  8. Carousel
  9. This Light Is Hard To See
  10. I Walked Right Into It
  11. Sammy (I'm Alone With You)
  12. Safe
  13. Blue
  14. Here Comes The Rain

Release date:
Artist: Lontalius
Title: Someone Will Be There For You
Label: PBWH
Genre: Alternative

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