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Kutiman - Open

Kutiman - Open

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Open is the sixth studio album from acclaimed composer, producer, filmmaker and multi-instrumentalist, Kutiman. It is an addictive & irresistible twelve-track trip taking in elements of classic soul, Middle Eastern psychedelia, Afrobeat, Thai funk, jazz fusion, cosmic library soundscapes and more.


  1. Vanishing Point
  2. My Everything (Ft. Dekel)
  3. Canoe
  4. Always Be Alone (Ft. Dekel)
  5. Fresh Haze
  6. Need To Forget (Ft. Dekel)
  7. A Day Off
  8. Love You Tomorrow (Ft. Dekel)
  9. Confetti
  10. Believe In You (Ft. Dekel)
  11. High & Dry
  12. Ripples

Release date:
Artist: Kutiman
Title: Open
Label: Siyal Music
Format:CD / Vinyl
Genre: Alternative

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