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Kat Eaton - Talk To Me

Kat Eaton - Talk To Me

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Whereas some debut albums show artists still finding their feet and sonic direction, Kat Eaton is unashamedly bold & confident in her abilities as a vocalist and songwriter, effortlessly merging Soul, and classic R&B throughout a mature and well-rounded 10 tracks. Utilising completely live instrumentation (a must for Kat), 'Talk To Me' takes the classic vintage sound of inspirations such as Barbara Lynn and Lesley Gore and updates it with contemporary embellishments and relatable lyrics for the 21st century.

Less an artist in ascendancy, 'Talk To Me' solidifies Kat's place as an artist already at the top of their game and now ready to share the fruits of years of hard work to the world.


  1. Barricade
  2. Slow It Down
  3. Dreaming About You
  4. Checking In
  5. Lottery Ticket
  6. Need A New Way To Say I Love You
  7. Talk To Me
  8. All Kinds Of Crazy
  9. Put Yourself In My Arms
  10. Out Of The Rain

            Release date:
            Artist: Kat Eaton
            Title: Talk To Me
            Label: Label Reason & Rhyme Records
            Genre: Soul

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