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GIDEÖN - Ritmo EP - 12" Vinyl

GIDEÖN - Ritmo EP - 12" Vinyl

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The first single “Aaron Carl Lives On” features Aaron’s iconic words and wisdom on the phenomenon of House music. Tracking down Mel (Aaron's partner who manages his estate) was a real detective mission. Despite many months of drawing complete blanks, I was finally introduced to Mel by Jeffrey Sfire, fellow Detroit queer royalty, and was given their blessing to release the track. Starting things off with the first single which is an homage to the unsung, underrated black queer champions of House music felt like exactly the right foot to be getting off on, in a world where the real history of House is of often whitewashed.

‘Ritmo,’ which is the acid jam on the EP, has been creating serious heat on the dance floors when I’ve road tested it recently, and so that is another track I’m particularly excited to finally get to share with the world soon when the EP is released in October.

Release date: October 28, 2022


1. Aaron Carl Lives On
2. Ritmo     
3. It Does Not Burn    
4. Over Back Then

Release date:
Artist: GIDEÖN
Title: Ritmo EP
Label: Homo-Centric Records
Format:12" Vinyl (Limited 300 Pressing)
Genre: Electronic

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