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Fat Freddy's Drop - Mother Mother (Theo Parrish Translation)

Fat Freddy's Drop - Mother Mother (Theo Parrish Translation)

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After a barnstorming 2013 Fat Freddy’s Drop returned with two 12” singles with re-workings from Theo Parrish, Ashley Beedle & Darren Morris and Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy & Andy Yam Who?

The first of the set features a vocal and an instrumental translation of ‘Mother Mother’ from Theo Parrish. The Detroit producer and DJ delivers a masterful yet twisted, ten-minute-plus re-wiring of Fat Freddy’s Drop’s soulful, techno-tinged workout. Taken from the New Zealand’s 3rd LP ‘Blackbird’, Gilles Peterson described the original as “an incredible piece of music.”

‘Mother Mother’ gets the four-to-the-floor treatment from Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy & Andy Yam Who? on the A-side to the second 12”. On the flip side is Ashley Beedle & Darren Morris’s cosmic ‘Afrikanz On Marz’ remix of ‘Never Moving’, also lifted from the ‘Blackbird’ LP.



1. Mother Mother (Theo Parrish Translation)

1. Mother Mother (Theo Parrish Translation - Instrumental)


Release date:
Artist: Fat Freddy's Drop
Title: Mother Mother
Label: The Drop
Genre: Dub / Reggae

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