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Fat Freddy's Drop - Lock-In

Fat Freddy's Drop - Lock-In

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Fat Freddy's Drop present the ‘LOCK-IN’ album, a sonic moment in time as the band jam conscious songs of freedom and hope for a generation.

The ‘LOCK-IN’ session melds Freddys fastidious studio chops and love of freewheeling jams with a tautness that comes from 21 years in the business and a reputation as one of the finest live draws in the world.


Side A:

  1. Special Edition 
  2. SixEight 

Side B:

  1. This Room 
  2. Trickle Down 

Side C:

  1. Avengers 
  2. Solider 

Side D:

  1. Hope for a generation 
  2. 114 


Release date:
Artist: Fat Freddy's Drop
Title: Lock-In
Label: The Drop
Format:Double Vinyl
Genre: Dub / Reggae

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