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Emily Barker - Toe Rag Sessions CD

Emily Barker - Toe Rag Sessions CD

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Recorded live to tape at Toe Rag Studios, London in January 2015.

The Toerag Sessions is a collection of solo versions of songs, recorded live to 2-track tape at Toe Rag Studios in London with grammy-winning producer Liam Watson (The White Stripes - Elephant).


  1. Little Deaths
  2. Nostalgia
  3. Sideline
  4. Disappear
  5. Letters
  6. Home
  7. All Love Knows
  8. The Dark Road
  9. Lord I Want An Exit
  10. Blackbird
  11. This Is How It's Meant To Be
  12. Anywhere Away

Release date:
Artist: Emily Barker
Title: Toe Rag Sessions
Label: Everyone Sang
Genre: Folk

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