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Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Intuition

Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Intuition

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Cult Funk Ensemble Brooklyn Funk Essentials release their new album 'Intuition' including the successful recent singles 'How Happy', 'AA Side Single' and 'Scream!' It features the legendary, inimitable Alison Limerick on vocals and is released on Dorado Records the bands home now for 6 of their 7 albums starting with Cool & Steady & Easy in 1994.

It’s been quite a journey for Brooklyn Funk Essentials, who across a career that stretches 28 years and the release of six albums, have established themselves as an audacious ever-evolving project fusing soul, hip hop, spoken word, jazz, latin, afrobeat and, of course, funk.

Released by Dorado Records and combining classic funk’s raw, mind-bending basslines, peak-era disco’s euphoric vocals and early hip-hop’s observational lyricism, the album was an immediate hit in the US and elsewhere, securing a No.1 spot on Billboard’s Alternative R&B Album of the Year chart in 1995.


  1. Scream!
  2. How Happy
  3. Intuition
  4. AA Side Single
  5. Rollin (Love Will Be There)
  6. Sho'nuff
  7. Mama
  8. Unkissed

Release date:
Artist: Brooklyn Funk Essentials
Title: Intuition
Label: Kartel Music Group
Genre: Funk

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