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Benedict Cork - Notes On A Hopeless Romance

Benedict Cork - Notes On A Hopeless Romance

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After honing his craft over a decade, British pop singer-songwriter Benedict Cork releases his album ‘Notes On A Hopeless Romance’ – a love letter to relationships, past and present.

Benedict first found his feet penning a series of EPs and consequently, this album’s new sound comes as a big melting pot of brash, electronic, melancholic, gospel-inspired pop music.

Hailed as BBC Introducing Artist of the Year, Benedict’s refreshing vulnerability and distinct brand of melancholic pop has also gathered praise from Billboard, Clash and Wonderland.


  1. Sanctuary
  2. Nice Guy
  3. The Good In You
  4. Reasons I Loved You (I Can’t Think of One)
  5. Soulmates
  6. Beauty Queen
  7. God Damn
  8. Until We F*** It Up
  9. Into The Arms Of Another Love
  10. I Know He’ll Be Gone In A Little While

Release date:
Artist: Benedict Cork
Title: Notes On A Hopeless Romance
Label: Benedict Cork
Format:12" Vinyl + CD
Genre: Pop

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