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Becker & Mukai - Spirit Only

Becker & Mukai - Spirit Only

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The mighty Becker & Mukai return with a new tidal wave of sonic highways with their new album Spirit Only, this time travelling from London studio bunkers to Japanese mountains, with pit stops in Senegal and Trinidad & Tobago. Experimenting between balearic, indie dance, psychedelic, folk and electronica, Spirit Only is a complete body of work, confident and unashamed.


  1. Spirit Only
  2. Sunshine Demagogue feat. Daniella Croston
  3. Wild Away
  4. Kinoko No Kioku feat. Yama Warashi & Fimber Bravo   
  5. Moon High
  6. Ni Vu Ni Connu
  7. Meditative Blip feat. Alexis Taylor
  8. Toumado feat. Kadialy Kouyate
  9. Azores part two feat. Kadialy Kouyate   
  10. Deja Vu feat. Alexis Taylor
  11. Reflections Of God






Release date:
Artist: Becker & Mukai
Title: Spirit Only
Label: SaS Recordings
Format:12" Vinyl
Genre: Electronic

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