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Yarni & Give Me Monaco - Parenthesis (Limited Edition)

Yarni & Give Me Monaco - Parenthesis (Limited Edition)

Parenthesis was born out of the creative exchange between Yarni and GMM. The project wasn’t intended to become an album. More so a general swapping of ideas in the hope of composing some music and sharing each other’s experience in their musical fields. What started out as a few unfinished demos became the focal point of reflection. Not that the pandemic became the subject of the record, more so a coincidental catalyst that projected their initial muses to become completed bodies of work. The idea of a Parenthesis casting over the paused pieces became the core concept in which it flourished.

Exclusive to the Kartel store, the Limited Edition record comes with high-quality digital prints of three single artworks from the Parenthesis project: 'Shroud', 'Chaos' and 'Plucked & Struck'.
All designs are hand-painted by musician, artist and Parenthesis collaborator, Give Me Monaco.
Each print will be hand signed and numbered by both artists.


  1. Speak No.2
  2. Hold feat. Emily Marks
  3. Plucked & Struck
  4. 6:4
  5. Take
  6. Chaos
  7. OSD
  8. Rike
  9. Shroud
  10. Weavers


    Release date:
    Artist: Yarni & Give Me Monaco
    Title: Parenthesis
    Label: EMK
    Format:VINYL / POSTER
    Genre: Dance

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